A great company looks to do great things in market. What then holds them back? Many a time, the answer is “The Right People” Collasys’s Professional Services Division is here to help. Our sole mission is to provide you with the Right People at the Right Time at the Right Price. It all boils down to people – those with the right mix of expertise and attitude, available when you need them and at a price and delivery model that meets your needs. Our expert, global recruiting staff finds the people you need from across the globe. We can find one person or an entire team of consultants all within your required timetable for delivery. Since 2001, we have helped hundreds of clients by providing them with the right people. As the following pages explain, Collasys can craft a custom, flexible solution to perfectly fit your needs, budget and help you achieve business objectives.

Collasys customizes the delivery of IT Services to fit each client’s specific environment.  This flexibility maximizes value.  We offer a variety of primary delivery models to choose from and can customize a blended solution combining multiple characteristics to develop a more complete solution.  Collasys can craft a custom staffing solution to perfectly fit your needs and your budget and help you achieve your business objectives.

Contract Consulting

From a single person to an entire team of skilled professionals, Collasys can bring you the right experts to augment your existing workforce based on your needs.  We provide great people with the right skills – When you need them and only for as long as you need them.  You manage their day to day work-related activities for as long or as short a period as required.

Direct Hire

Our expert recruiters work with you to identify, screen, evaluate and even hire candidates directly to your company.  Our flexible recruiting process can be customized to solve your full time hiring needs.  Whether it is a need for a single key person or an entire department, Collasys can provide the solution.

Managed Staffing

Similar to Contract Consulting with an added benefit: In instances where our client needs and Collasys is providing multiple professionals, we can provide an extra layer of management oversight. Taking direction from you, senior members of the Collasys team will oversee and even direct the day to day activities of the rest of the team.  The Senior Lead reports back to your supervisor on a regular basis to provide progress updates and work schedules for each member of the team. The supervisors can then focus their time and attention on managing their business without investing as much valuable time directing each individual member of the contracting staff


Often, a client may know of an available resource that would be suitable for some assignment on their team (or somewhere else in their environment).  Perhaps they are unable to hire them directly or they simply need to contract such a resource for a finite period of time.  In such instances, you can refer the candidate to us.  In such cases, our efforts to source and qualify such people are much lower.  As a result, we can quickly hire them and put them on assignment with the client at a greatly reduced “payrolling” rate.  Often, this service is combined with the “Contract to Hire” option above and the resource is hired in directly once that opportunity arises.

Employee Transitioning

In today’s business environment, many clients are seeking greater flexibility with their workforce.  Our Employee Transition service affords our clients the ability to move one or many of their own employees to Collasys’s payroll either because you are transitioning to a new technology platform or perhaps that new platform will be managed and run by new resources (either yours or even Collasys’s or some other service provider).  Often, we can provide these existing staff members who might face a limited future with you with greater career options; initially with the same client as part of the transition, but ultimately with other clients where their skills and technology expertise are still in demand.

This solution offers you the ability to lower overall costs, ease the transition to the new solution and provide viable career options for potentially displaced employees.


Great People:

Every professional Collasys provides to our clients has been fully screened and vetted for that assignment.  We provide experts in a variety of backgrounds, including Information Technology, Accounting and Finance, Engineering and Healthcare.

While screening each candidate, we check them for more than just technical skills or certifications.  We also gauge their personalities, career goals, ambitions, and work habits – for just having the right skills listed on a resume does not mean they will fit in to your environment.  To provide “Great People”, we must first do a “Great Job” of understanding your needs.

Experienced Account Management:

Understanding your needs fully is the primary responsibility of our Account Managers who are trained to carefully define each new requirement as well as our client’s work environment.  They will gather all the necessary data points to insure we are searching for professionals with the best possible fit.  The Collasys Account Manager, along with our Human Resources department, is also trained to handle all employee related issues that may arise.  As a result, such issues are transparent to you so you can focus on what’s important to your business.

Customized Recruiting Process:

Collasys has a proven, global recruiting process and a major part of our success is based upon our belief in dedicated recruiting teams. Each of our clients enjoys the dedicated service of experienced recruiters who have the ability to customize a recruiting approach specific to each unique need. Our recruiters are specialized in how they operate, what they need and how they conduct searches, interviews, etc. This shortens the overall recruiting cycle and vastly improves quality.

Excellent Employee Care:

In addition to being able to deliver great people to our clients, we also enjoy excellent loyalty among our staff.  We offer our employees an excellent benefits package that includes:  Blue Cross Medical Insurance, Blue Cross Dental Insurance, Vision Insurance, 401K Program, Long term and Short Term Disability Insurance and Visa and Green Card Sponsorship (for qualified individuals).

These benefits enhance Employee Satisfaction, improve retention and work to minimize any potential disruption of service.

Excellent Value:

Collasys works to continuously find ways to become more productive and cost-efficient.  In doing so, we are better able to provide a very competitive solution.  Many providers of staffing services try to support dozens of individual offices with staff in each.  Our model is based upon services that are significantly centralized in order to maximize performance and reduce cost.  The savings are then offered to you – our client.

Certified MBE:

Collasys is a certified Minority Business Enterprise. 

  • Transitioning employees from clients to our organization
  • Running payrolls for difficult to recruit candidates
  • Managing staffing for client organization
Professional services to address staffing needs and support spikes for various State projects:

A trusted strategic partner to a Fortune 500 company that aids in the development and deployment of State based projects. We have a strong track record of closing critical positions in a short span of time.

Leader in recruiting for various Fortune 500 companies to fulfill their staffing and project requirements.